Technology, what can I say?

Technology has come a long way in my life time.  When I was in high school we got our first Atari game machine.  We had Pong, Pac-man, and Space Invaders, which my sisters and I got good at.  In school, there was a typing class, the majority of which were girls (now days it is called keyboarding and it is required).

My first year in college, my parents got their first computer.  Compared to today's standard, it was a glorified typewriter.  I did some of my school papers on computers, but I did not feel a great need to keep up with the latest in computers and programs.  If I had questions I felt I could always ask my husband.  I am an artist and I did not think I would need technology for my paintings.

My husband and my boys tease me about my lack of knowledge of computers.  Now that I am going into the teaching profession, I am learning more about computers.  I can see possibilities for presenting material that I had not thought of before.  Art history can be brought to life very easily.  Images of the masters can more readily be shown and discussed.

I still plan on teaching art with pencil and paper, paint brush and canvas, but I can see how technology can be helpful even in the art class.

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